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Author Pam Wagner, RD, LD, CDE
So you may have known for a while that you have Pre-Diabetes, that sneaky, symptomless condition that puts your blood sugar levels in the higher than normal category.   But NOW they one up it and tell you that you NOW officially have diabetes!   What's the first thing you should do???

1.  See your doctor.  If you discovered your Diabetes by accident, through a lab screening or prior to getting your bunion removed, your first step should be scheduling an appointment with your doctor.  Additional lab work and physical exam will help best decide how to treat and manage your diabetes.  You should be involved in the decision process.  Medications, nutrition modifications, and activity are usually all good options, each contributing equally to good management.  
2.   Seek Diabetes training, education and support (DSME-S)   Who, what, why and where will you get the skinny on real life management of your diabetes? Like what to eat, how to check your blood sugar level, maybe even how to take shots of insulin?  A Certified (by ADA or AADE) www.diabeteseducator.org/living-with-diabetes/find-an-education-program Diabetes Program in your area is a great resource to check out.  Most insurances will cover multiple visits with a trained educator and group training classes including training in all aspects of diabetes management, from nutrition to exercise and medications. 
3.  Tap into other Diabetes Resources available   If you the type who fancies  joining groups, there are many community resources both online and in person.  Maybe you favor going solo and digging into a daily walk routine or treating yourself to a new cookbook.  Either way, you are not in this alone! Managing diabetes is not a sprint but more like scenic marathon.  Life with diabetes should be something sustainable for the long haul and focused on evidenced based methods available to the average person.   YOU get to choose the route to take. 
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